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Choose You This Day Whom You Will Serve!

By David J. Smith
September 28, 2013

Ancient Israel was led out of Egyptian bondage and headed for the promise land. They had their troubles along the way. They committed idolatry by building two golden calves while Moses was 40 days and 40 nights in the Mount receiving the Ten Commandments.

When this episode ended, they were required to choose Whom they would serve – idols or the great I AM THAT I AM (Exodus 3:13-15). This great God had revealed Himself in the burning bush to Moses. When Moses asked who he would tell Israel had sent him to deliver them, he was told that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob [Israel] had sent him. When asked His name, this great God said I AM THAT I AM sent him.

According to John 8:56-58, Jesus told the leaders of that day that He was before Abraham as I AM. They tried to stone Him for claiming that name. He cloaked Himself so they could not see Him and walked right through them out of the temple. They chose not to serve this great God – I AM. When Jesus was born, He was called Emmanuel, which meant God WITH us (Matthew 1:23). His parents were told to officially name Him Jesus, which meant the Savior of the people.

At a previous time, the prophet Elijah was given a mission. He was to confront the false prophets and priest of Baal [Satan]. There were 850 all total that he, by himself, was to confront. The powerful king Ahab and his pagan queen, Jezebel, loved these pagan priests. Elijah came to the priests and called the people of Israel together. He challenged these priests of Baal [Satan] to prove who had the true God backing them – them or Elijah. The priests of Baal [Satan] could not live up to the challenge. When Elijah stepped forward and called on God, the great I AM, to show His great power, He did. The people were struck with awe. Elijah made his famous statement. “Choose you this day whom you will serve, God or Baal [Satan]. Because of this great display of power, the people said they would follow the God of Israel, the great I AM.

Of course, this didn’t last long. They broke their word eventually and went back to serving Baal. They didn’t have God’s Spirit. Only the prophets did. It was difficult for them to be spiritual without the help of the Holy Spirit.

When the great I AM walked the earth, He was known as Jesus. Crowds loved to hear Him preach. When it got down to hard things being said, most decided it was too hard to follow Him. They turned away from Him, in spite of seeing miracles performed – the sick were healed and Lazarus rose from the dead. Just like their forefathers, when wondering in the wilderness saw the miracles of the great I AM, yet they grumbled and murmured and complained. I Corinthians 10:1-12 says God [I AM, JESUS] was not pleased with them.

Revelation 2-3 is a message to seven different churches on an old Roman mail route. Jesus said to one church that He tried the reins and heart to see if they were following Him or not. The Book of Revelation was written for the end times! Could these words be addressed to anyone of us? We live in the end times! Will Jesus find us faithful to His words? Ancient Israel heard His voice when He thundered down the Ten Commandments. They told Moses they did not want God [I AM] to speak to them, rather Moses spoke to them.

Do we not want Jesus to speak to us through the Bible, sermonettes, and sermons? We must CHOOSE THIS DAY whom we will serve. Will we serve Jesus the Christ, or our own human nature?

Jesus on paper is called the Bible. All scripture was written under inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Every word of the Everlasting Covenant and the spiritual intent explained in the newer writings are for us!!!

Do we serve Jesus Christ by not gossiping? Do we serve Jesus by not slandering another of His children? Do we serve Jesus by not imputing wrong motives to someone? Do we serve Jesus by thinking we can read someone’s heart [mind]? Do we serve Jesus by sowing discord among brethren? Do we serve Jesus by holding grudges against another? Do we serve Jesus by not forgiving?

OR – Do we serve Jesus by seeking the truth and living it? Do we serve Jesus by being honest? Do we serve Jesus by being just to everyone? Do we serve Jesus by being PURE in mind and not judge others wrongfully? Do we serve Jesus by thinking on lovely things? Do we serve Jesus by only receiving GOOD reports about others? Do we serve Jesus by rejoicing over good? Do we serve Jesus when we LOVE rather than hate? Do we serve Jesus by showing joy to others? Do we serve Jesus when we have peace with all mankind, especially those of the household of faith? Do we serve Jesus when we are longsuffering? Do we serve Jesus when we are gentle to all? Do we serve Jesus when we show goodness? Do we serve Jesus when we have faith in Him to see us through all problems? Choose you this day whom you will serve is a legitimate question!!!

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