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URGENT MESSAGE: From David J Smith

By David J. Smith
October 4, 2013


This is only the second time I have ever had to ask this! With the economy in the shape it’s in, we are at rock bottom financially!!! If we don’t receive HUGE DONATIONS, we may have to cut Newswatch back to every other month. You would still receive your full term, but we would have to get enough donations to cover that.

Right now we are on the border of shutting down some part of the ministry without help from our partners. We consider you a partner because of donations in the past. We will hope to hear from you regularly, and if anyone has stored back a larger donation, we hope to hear from you. There is a scripture that says “there is coming a famine, not of food, but of the HEARING OF THE WORD OF GOD.” I do not believe that time has come yet, so the work must carry on. You are a silent partner. But you and others like you keep this ministry going. God has deemed it necessary to give tithes and offerings to support the ministry.

In ancient Israel when the people stopped tithing the Temple went into ruins and the Levites had to work their own land just to live. That was not ordained of God!!! As a result, Israel lost track of the true ways of God. They found the Books of the Law in the broken down Temple and rejoiced. They read it, restored the tithe and the Levites to their original jobs. This was a time of much rejoicing. We need to rejoice over a ministry that will not compromise with God’s Word!!!

Where would we be today without God in our lives? We see so many ministries that are prospering, but you check their teachings and find it comes up short comparing it to the Bible. We want to maintain the truth of the Bible. It takes income to keep going!!! We hope we have been an encouragement to you and a blessing to you in the past through Newswatch Magazine. We may have to cut back to every other month!!! It is not that we want to!!!

We Depend on Your Support!

You are a vital part of the outreach ministry that God has called us to perform!!! Without economic support, we will cease to exist.

Please give the largest donation possible according to your financial circumstances! May God bless you for your support! Whether it is $25, $50, $100 or more. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you immensely!!

To use your Credit Card please call 1-800-516-8736 Or you can donate through our website securely by clicking the DONATE button on the navigational bar at the top right of your screen.

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