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Is the Antichrist in the World Today? Part 2

By David J. Smith
January 4, 2014

The following is from our January 1983 issue of Newswatch Magazine entitled: Is the Anti-Christ in the World Today?:

In Genesis 1:27 we read that God made man “in His own image.” The Hebrew word for image is TSELEM and carries the meaning: “shade, a phantom, illusion, resemblance; hence a representative figure, especially an idol.” Man is not an idol, rather a representative figure.

Revelation 13:12-b, “… and causes the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast (world dictator), whose deadly wound was healed.” Notice what happens immediately after this deadly wound is healed: v. 13, miracles to deceive, THEN the introduction of the IMAGE OF THE BEAST. The near death of the Antichrist seemingly is what promotes the installation of the IMAGE of the beast.

Dr. Robert Jastrow, founder of NASA’s Goddard Institute, wrote in his book The Enchanted Loom: “In 1975, the Goddard Institute installed the first fourth-generation computer … I stood there, looking at the giant third-generation machine purring through its sums, and then at the little fourth-generation computer off in the corner. Suddenly I became aware that powerful forces were at work. Because compactness leads to greater speed in computers – computer designers are always under pressure to turn out more compact models. If these trends in computer evolution continued, a machine that occupied a floor in our Institute would soon fit into a thimble, and ITS CIRCUITS WOULD BE AS DENSELY PACKED AS THE ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS IN THE HUMAN BRAIN. If it became possible to wire those circuits so that they worked in the same way as the circuits in the brain, man would be able to create a thinking organism of QUASI-HUMAN power – a new form of intelligent life.” The word Quasi means resembling, seeming, or seemingly but not actual.

Verbiage is no longer used concerning computers that you only get out of it what you have put in it. An article appearing in the March 8, 1982, edition of Business Week, page 66, entitled “Artificial Intelligence” states: “The world stands on the threshold of a second computer age. New technology now moving out of the laboratory is starting to change the computer from a fantastically fast calculating machine to a DEVICE THAT MIMICS HUMAN THOUGHT PROCESSES – GIVING MACHINES THE CAPABILITY TO REASON, MAKE JUDGEMENTS AND EVEN LEARN. Already this ‘artificial intelligence’ is performing tasks that were once thought to require human intelligence. … Experts are convinced that it is now only a matter of time before these ‘thinking’ computers open up awesome new applications in offices, factories, and homes. AI [artificial intelligence] will change civilization in a profound way,’ says Nils J. Nilsson, director of the AI center at SRI International. ‘It will CHANGE the way we work, the way we learn, and even the way we think about ourselves.’”

“Computer technologists are NOW producing a machine which needs no programmer, no computer serviceman, and only one operator whose main function will be to give simple directions. But even so, the operator may be abolished in the future because already being made is not just a silicon chip computer, but a LIVING ORGANISM that may do all its own thinking” (The Gospel Truth, Computer Evolution, N.W. Hutchings, page 1, June 1982).

In the May 1982, DISCOVER, article “The Organic Computer,” confirms that computers are now being made that will be nearly a living organism: “On the outside it looks like another ho-hum electronic device, perhaps a hand-held calculator. But inside this garden-variety box lurks an alien computer. In place of the usual green plastic boards holding silicon microchips are ultra-thin films of glass crusted over with invisible layers of proteins, linked together in complex crystal patterns not like those of the arctic retreat in the movie Superman. Within the delicate protein latticework are organic molecules, called biochips that dance at the touch of an electric current … As they shift positions or shapes, the molecules pass along information in the manner of ordinary integrated circuits. But because they are so tiny and so close together, they can perform a calculation in about a millionth the time of today’s best chips. One more thing: these molecular diodes, transistors, and wires, as well as the protein architecture that holds everything together, were manufactured by simple E coli bacteria fashioned to do the job by genetic engineering. IT CAN ALMOST BE SAID THAT THE COMPUTER IS ALIVE.” Can we conceive of the possibility of computers, or at least one in the future, TO SPEAK AND GIVE ORDERS?

(To be continued)

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