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Is the Antichrist in the World Today? Part 3

By David J. Smith
January 11, 2014

The following is from our January 1983 issue of Newswatch Magazine entitled: Is the Anti-Christ in the World Today?:

The fifth-generation computer, Business Week [March 8, 1982, edition] noted: “Researchers are also working on computer software that provides ways for computers TO LEARN. Carnegie-Mellon’s Nobel prize-winning Herbert A Simon was the grandfather of such work. In the 1970’s he created Bacon, an AI [artificial intelligence] inference engine’ that natural laws from physical data. Stanford researchers have developed a program called Eurisko that enables a computer to develop its own theories and ideas once it is given the principle of a discipline.”

Dr. Robert Jastrow and others of the elite scientific community now believe man will be able to create a new life form that will supersede his own thought processes “… He stated: Will they be living organisms? Most people would say that a computer can never be a living organism, because it has no feelings or emotions; it does not eat, or move, or grow; and it is made of metal and plastic rather than flesh, bone and muscle. Most of these attributes could easily be built into computers if they were desired. For example, wheels and a motor can be attached to a computer. And this computer on wheels can be programmed to move over to an electrical outlet and plug itself in for a snack – a shot of electricity – if its batteries run low and its voltmeters signal the pangs of hunger. Some human has to arrange to have the electricity available, but then, most people have their food supplied by someone else. Of course, some people hunt for their food; but an aggressive computer, that scented electricity and tracked it down, would also be easy to built, if there were a reason to do so. Feelings and emotions also can be built into the computer when they are needed … Dr. Samuel made this discovery in the course of trying to encourage his computer to learn faster and be a better student. The machine had been playing fairly well for a beginner, but it was not competitive … Dr. Samuel decided to alter its psyche. He changed the program so that when the machine was ahead, it became aggressive … These changes of mood gave the machine an almost human personality … Soon it beat Dr. Samuel, and then it went on to beat a checkers champion who had not lost a game to human being in eight years. Dr. Samuel’s experience with his computer disproved the old adage that a machine is only as smart as its programmer. In fact, computers that learn by experience often outstrip their programmers, as students surpass their teachers … I believe that in a large cosmic perspective, going beyond the earth and its biological creatures, the true attributes of intelligent life will be seen to be those that are shared by man and the computer – a response to stimuli, and flexible behavior under changing conditions. The brain that possesses these attributes may be made of water and carbon-chain molecules, and houses in a fragile shell of bone, as our brain is; or it made be made of metallic silicon, and housed in plastic. but if it reacts to the world around it, and grows through experience, it is ALIVE. The era of carbon-chemistry life is drawing to a close on the earth and a new era of silicon-based life – indestructible, immortal. Infinitely expandable – is beginning” (The Gospel Truth, Computer Revolution, N.W. Hutchings, pg. 2, June 1982).


In Revelation 13:2, last sentence, NIV, it declares: “The DRAGON gave the beast [antichrist dictator] his power and his throne and great authority.” Revelation 12:9, NIV, identifies WHO the dragon is that gives this authority and power. “The great DRAGON – that ancient serpent CALLED the DEVIL or SATAN …” The world will worship “BECAUSE he [Satan] had given authority to the beast [antichrist], … .”

But notice what John foresaw in Revelation 13:13: “And he [false Prophet] performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men. Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast [antichrist], he deceived the inhabitants of the earth. He ordered them to set up an IMAGE in honor of the beast who was wounded and yet lived. He [false Prophet] was given power to GIVE BREATH [LIFE, KJV] to the image of the first beast [antichrist], so that it [Image] could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.” Most amazing!!! What did Dr. Jastrow say concerning the fifth-generation computers? “A new are of silicon-based life – INDESTRUCTIBLE, IMMORTAL, INFINITELY EXPANDABLE – IS BEGINNING.”

What have we seen today?

(To be continued)

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