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Is the Antichrist in the World Today? Part 4

By David J. Smith
January 18, 2014

The following is from our January 1983 issue of Newswatch Magazine entitled: Is the Anti-Christ in the World Today?:

God is the One who created all life in the beginning (Genesis). Since Satan is behind this end time deception, the life given to the image of the beast is NOT true life. It will be QUASI life – seemingly but no actual life. This is synthetic or biological life which the fifth-generation computers will have. These are being designed NOW. This is COUNTERFEIT LIFE.

“It staggers the imagination to consider a computer the SIZE OF A MAN’S BRAIN that would CONTROL all the other computers in the world to the extent that NO ONE COULD WORK, BUY OR SELL unless he obeyed the Anti-Christ, received his own code marks in his hand or in his forehead, or worshipped him as God” (The Gospel Truth, Computer Evolution, H.W. Hutchings, pg. 2, June 1982). Yet, the large corporations such as IBM, Texas Instruments, Burroughs, etc., are racing in fierce competition to build computers capable of such awesome power. The April 12, 1979, edition of the Wall Street Journal reported on the “Cray-1” Computer: “It could be a stark, modern sculpture from the Museum of Modern Art: a six-foot-high, circular structure of ominous black panels and shining steel supports and surrounded by upholstered benches. But behind those black panels is hidden the dense circuitry that makes up the world’s most powerful and most expensive computer, the $8 million Cray-1, a machine that performs at the lightning speed of 100 million calculations a second.” This same Wall Street Journal article stated that the purpose for the super computer was to project trends in advance and to solve national and international problems. What about 100 million calculations per seconds – fantastic? What about a computer 20 times more powerful? We quote from a NASA article dated July 14, 1980: “GAC has won a $4.7 million contract from NASA to build a computer capable of adding or subtracting about six BILLION times a second … Although designed for space data, the MPP also could process IMAGES produced by X-rays, radar of other IMAGE sources.”

Just as the Book of Revelation states – an image of the beast. Computers can create IMAGES – HOLOGRAMS. With every home connected to the world computer, the image of the beast, the Anti-Christ could project his image into your living room in full 3-DIMENSION, requiring you to WORSHIP IT.

An AP news release that appeared in the July 15, 1980, edition of the Baltimore Sun, reported in part: “The computer of the 1990’s may fit in a soccer ball, sit in a bath of liquid helium, and converse in human speech.”

Brian Josephenson, a British physicist, will have the honor of this computer being named after him. The January 1982 edition of Science states this Super-computer is being built by IBM. This super-computer is to be in operation after 1990 and about the size of a man’s head, with sufficient memory and intelligence to control ALL business transactions in the world, COULD BE the image of the beast.

Computers, Image of the Beast – That Speaks?

“… so that it [image of the beast] could SPEAK …” (Revelation 13:15). Speech capability! This will be a quality of the “image” of the beast. Projections are that these super computers will both understand human speech and reply in understandable voices. They are also projected to have VOICE RECOGNITION, obey ONLY their master’s voice.

An Associated Press release dateline Dallas stated in part: “Man and machine now have a new way to communicate: by talking to each other … Soon, Texas Instrument officials believe, everything from washing machines to their owners … research is continuing in VOICE authentication, ‘where a single individual voice can be used much like a fingerprint to determine that he is the person he is supposed to be.’ The voice authentication also could lead to banking or shopping by telephone.”

An editorial in the April 22, 1980, edition of the Dallas Morning News commented on talking machines as follows: “… development of a practical way for man and machine to communicate directly by speech will remove a large obstacle to the opening of an entirely new era in the history of mankind … It can mean a car that not only tells you what’s wrong, but how to repair the trouble … And that will eventually mean a new way of life, not just for professional communicators, but for everyone.” The August 1981 edition of Leisure Time Electronics reported the manufacture of a talking watch that not only tells time in an audible voice, but wakes up the wearer by telling him that it is time to get up.

(To be continued)

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