David attended Harding College [now university] from 1959-65. While in his senior year [1965], he began to see things from the Bible that was the exact opposite of what he had been taught. No doubt God’s Holy Spirit was leading him to this understanding of truth! By October 1966, he was baptized by those that he felt were closest to a complete understanding of the Bible than anyone else. He studied for fourteen years, many times for eight to ten hours a day.

In May and June of 1980, a “vision” of an open Bible began to appear before his eyes. This continued night and day. It seemed as if he had not slept in weeks. He had no idea at first what was happening to him. After studying how the Holy Spirit would come upon people [example: Gideon] and stir them to action, he then understood what was happening to him. Previously, he had designed a front cover for Newswatch Magazine and had been writing articles which were published. On June 23, 1980, he took four articles to a printer to begin publishing Newswatch Magazine. When he laid the articles down on the printer’s desk, the open Bible ceased being before his eyes. He had peace of mind for the first time in two months! he knew God had called him – not man!!

After three months, Newswatch Magazine was being read in thirteen states; and, after six months it was read in 34 states with no advertising. Today, it is read in all fifty states and many foreign countries.

In January 1983 we began radio broadcasting, and in 1986 we started experimenting with television. At one time, you could not drive across the United States without hearing our radio program on from one to three stations at night.

David knew that God has called him to warn professing Christian America that we, as a whole, have turned our back upon God and His laws. This is why America has so many problems today! His job was to WARN of the destruction of this country IF we will not turn back to God in TOTAL REPENTANCE for violating His Everlasting Covenant (Hebrews 13:20-21)!

After starting Newswatch Magazine because of the vision from God, he was ordained by four men at a retreat in Glorietta, New Mexico. Calvin Burrell stated in the fourth prayer that God “set him aside for the ministry of prophecy.” That has been the course of this ministry’s outreach by, first radio, then TV ever since. People have gone back and listened to old sermons from the 1980s and have confessed that step-by-step these prophetic events have come to pass or are in the process of coming to pass right now.

In 1993 for Mother’s Day, May 10, his wife, Brenda, offered her mother a trip to Arlington, Texas to see her grand and great grandchildren. They left on a Saturday night and arrived about 3:30 or 4 am on Sunday morning. When they crossed the border out of Missouri into Oklahoma, it began to rain so hard you had to drive about 35 miles an hour. When they crossed the Red River into Texas, the rain stopped. It had not been raining in Texas. In hind sight, it seemed that Satan did not want David in Texas. Why? Because of what transpired the next day – May 10, Mother’s Day. They went sight-seeing to the Stockyards in Fort Worth. David got tired

of sight-seeing, so he went back to the mini-van alone. As he sat there meditating, it felt like someone pushed his seat from behind. He turned to look, but no one was there. When he turned toward the front, suddenly he heard in his mind, not out loud – Get out of Missouri, move to Texas!!!

It was very authoritative. When the others came back to the mini-van, he told them what happened and that they were moving to Texas. They found office space that would double up for church services. As they drove back to Missouri, two words kept running through his mind and would not stop – The Gathering. When he made this known, a fellow saint called David from Kentucky and said he had heard a man call into a shortwave talk show and say: “My [God’s] servant David J. will lead an ingathering of saints from a Western State.” David called the talk show host, and he verified the statement. Since they moved to Texas, others have come to join us from: New Jersey, South & North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, St. Croix, Virgin Islands, Arkansas, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Missouri, etc.

Why God chose him to deliver this end time message, he did not answer, but He did. David could not run from the job, nor would he. Whether any one believes his words are from God was not his responsibility. He knew he must speak the whole Word of God that He gave him to say. Sometimes those words were not popular; but if those are God’s Words, he must proclaim them at all cost – never considering whether he is popular or not. God’s Plan on this earth will not be changed because of the unbelief of the majority.